English Language Teaching Methods

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Mon, 12/26/2016 - 08:00

"English Language Teaching Methods" is an eight week training course in which teachers study up-to-date teaching methods, apply them to their teaching, are observed by an expert, and adjust methods across the duration of the course.

 In the Northern Badia, four schools participated in the program: Umm Al Jimal Boys School, Salhiya Girls School, Manara Girls School, and Nusayba al Mazaneeya Girls School. Across those schools, 13 teachers participated in the program and earned certificates of completion.

 During the training, teachers at each school worked on communicative teaching methods and integrated those methods into their classes. They also worked on WIPPEA (warm-up, introduction, presentation, practice, extension, application)-style lesson planning, an approach whereby lessons move to more difficult, higher level order of thinking activities as understanding of concepts develop in their students.

  In the next term, trainings will be conducted at four schools in the Middle Badia: Umm Qusair Boys School, Netil Girls School, Mansheya Girls School, and Maghayer Muhanna Boys School. At these schools, twelve English teachers will participate in the program. In this course, the same curriculum that was used in the North will be used and adjusted as the teachers' individual needs are assessed.