Programs and Initiatives

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Recently, the Department of Programs and Initiatives was established with the aim of evolving our programs and endeavors further in order to fulfill the goals of the Development Fund. This was done through partnering with various funds and the encouragement of youth initiatives.  In 2014, the HFDJB focused on several programs, the most important of which are the following:

  1. The Drug Prevention Program and the negative effects  drug use has had on Jordan's Badia:

    The aim of this program is to create awareness among parents, local community leaders and the youth on the dangers of drugs, to educate them on the latest and most dangerous emerging drug trends and how to fight drug use. The fight against drugs is taught using three main focal points:

  1. How to prevent drug use though monitoring and awareness.

  2. How to deal with a drug addict in the family and the possibility of free treatment through connecting with Department of Drug Prevention.

  3. How society as a whole can join together to fight against the drug epidemic.

2-Health Village Program:      

This is a health-based program aimed at the local communities of Jordan's Badia   and    focuses on improving the quality of life for all individuals. It depends on the participation of all members of society, from identification of needs to planning and execution, then monitoring and evaluation to analyze goals met and, finally identifying our priorities. These priorities meet the needs of each residential cluster whether health needs, environmental needs, or economical needs to achieve comprehensive economic development. An agreement was signed with Ministry of Health and a proposed project of the Health Village was submitted to the Ministry of Planning for funding.

3-Youth Preparation Leadership Program:

 This program is specialized to create and develop youth leadership in the Jordan Badia and prepare youth leadership programs. An MOU has been signed with the University of Jordan for joint cooperation, and HFDJB is now in the waiting process to launch the program of  youth leadership 2015.


4-Training For Jobs Program:

This program focuses on youth training in the Badia to prepare them for work on farms, agriculture and offers training on several different types of agricultural work. They will be provided with a payment of no less than 200 JD, as well as health insurance, social security, clothing and transportation costs during the training period. This program is in conjunction with the Ministry of Labor and the King Abdullah Fund for Development. An agreement will soon be signed to organize the workers for the program.