Geographic information

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GIS is a computer based system to aid in the collection, storage, analysis, output, and distribution of spatial data & information. Currently, it is the most important tool for analyzing and distributing spatial information for the different users and at different levels.


The HFDJB started to build up a GIS database, jointly with the Badia Restoration Program (BRP) and the Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre (RJGC). The GIS database includes layers of:


  • Administrative boundaries and urban settlements of the Badia.
  • Topographic maps with main layers of (roads, streams, ..etc)
  • Soil and land use/cover maps
  • Geological maps
  • Surface and ground water basins and resources.
  • Climate and agroclimatological zones.
  • Vegetation



Also, the GIS data include the main layers of the HFDJB projects and their locations. Some examples are shown in the JPEG maps on this website.