Fodder Cultivation Enhancement– Al Qatraneh

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This project is located in Al Qatraneh district, 80km south of Amman. It aims at enhancing existing fodder projects and improving their productivity through the adoption of a “Compressive Management Approach” for all similar projects in the area, and the introduction of silage techniques for fodder storage, which will enable this sector to provide fodder during dry seasons.

 Project Objectives

  • To introduce the integrated management approach for all projects existing in the area.
  • To develop a marketing mechanism
  • To store the fodder using the silage techniques.
  • To address the problems and constraints resulting from water mismanagement.

 Project Components

  1. Preparation of technical studies and implementation plans of the project.
  2. Provision of technical and extension services to the community as needed.
  3. Maintenance and installation of water pumps and irrigation networks (carrier lines and sprinkler).
  4. Maintenance of ponds and water pumps, and constructing new ponds, if needed.
  5. Provision of necessary tools and equipments to the cooperative.
  6. Maintenance of cooperative buildings and provision of basic services.

 Achievements (July, 2010)

  • Technical studies and implementation plans have been concluded.
  • Technical services and extension have been provided as required by the local community.
  • Water pumps and irrigation networks have been installed.
  • Fodder has been harvested and converted into silage.