Livestock production in North Badia– Sabha

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The project is 70km northeast of Amman and 30km east of Mafraq city. The total area of the project is 800 hectares, and includes a managed rangeland reserve, fenced and cultivated with fodder crops.

This main objective of the project is to improve livestock production in the northern Badia through adoption of new breeding methods, and the introduction of the concept of destocking to preserve rangeland resources. Grazing is controlled and determined based on the rangeland’s carrying capacity. This approach resulted in the rehabilitation of the degraded area of the project and resulted in improving livestock and veterinary services in the area.

 Project Objectives

  • To rehabilitate the existing project area.
  • To renovate of the existing infrastructure and buildings.
  • To breed and raise up to 1500 heads of sheep and goats.
  • To apply modern scientific approaches for livestock production.

 Project Components

  1. Cultivation of 100 hectares of land with field crops and forages using sprinklers and central pivots irrigation systems, and of 50 hectares of land with fruit trees.
  2. Raising and breeding of sheep and goats.
  3. Establishment of an on-site dairy products factory.

 Achievements (July, 2010)

  • 3 groundwater wells have been dug and equipped.
  • Infrastructure works including electricity, water, roads and buildings have been completed.
  • A dairy plant has been established.
  • The project has been operating, with 500 heads of sheep and goats, and the processing of milk products from the project.