Treated Waste Water Reuse Project – Wadi Mousa

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The project is located in Wadi Mousa, located approximately 10km north of Petra. This, the first community-based project was established in collaboration with the USAID. The local community was provided with technical support to use treated and reclaimed wastewater for irrigating their fodder crops. In total, 44 farmers and their families benefited from this project.

 Project Objectives

  • To help improve the livelihoods of local community members in the target area.
  • To reduce the competition on and demand for fresh water resources.
  • To conserve natural resources and better manage the environment through the reuse of reclaimed water.

 Project Components

  1. Development of drip irrigation systems for an area of 100 hectares.
  2. Cultivation of forage crops, including alfalfa, barley, and winter wheat.

 Achievements (July, 2010)

  • An additional source of income for the local community members has been identified and secured.
  • A revolving fund has been established, which will invest at least 20% of the annual revenues of the cooperative to support the future expansion of project activities.