Palm Plantation and Training Centre– Al Azraq

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This project was established in 2010 and aimed at developing the palm plantation and replacing conventional and largely unsustainable agricultural projects (particularly olive farms) in the Badia with date palm farms (mainly of the species Phoenix dactylifera). The project established a comprehensive palm project, including a pilot farm but also a training centr, which provides training and extension services for the local community in the Al-Azraq area.

The project is an applicable model that can be transferred and extended to other areas of the Badia where similar environmental conditions exist.

The palm tree was selected to be planted in the Badia areas, particularly in Al-Azraq, for the following reasons:

  1. Resistance to high salinity of soil and water.
  2. Favorable plantation conditions in the Badia.
  3. High nutritional value of the crop.
  4. Social acceptability and the economical value of the crop.

 Project Objectives

  • To gradually expand palm plantation and date palm production in Badia areas, using the latest scientific practices and techniques.
  • To create new job opportunities and to improve the livelihood of local community in the target areas.
  • To create a group of qualified personnel and expertise to serve the project area and other areas in the Badia.
  • To create an additional source of income and improve livelihood of local communities.
  • To establish small agricultural enterprises specialized in date production.
  • To contribute to the resettlement of palm trees in the Al-Azraq oasis.

 Project Components

  1. Establishment of a 10 hectare palm plantation model area containing 2000 palm trees, and of a training center specialized in planting and breeding of date palms. The centre will play the role of extension services provider, which will hold lectures and conduct training workshops for target farmers.
  2. Propagation of date Palm and production of transplants for local farmers in the area.

 Achievements (July, 2010)

  • Two groundwater wells have been dug and equipped.
  • Infrastructure works (electricity, water, roads and buildings) have been completed.
  • A palm tree nursery with 5 green houses and irrigation network has been constructed and installed.
  • A plantation of 2000 date palm tree has been planted.
  • A field survey has been conducted for target farmers.
  • 3000 date palm seedling transplants have been distributed for involved local community members.