International Cooperation and Partners

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Directorate of Planning and International Cooperation aims to build relations with various national and international organizations in order to support the Fund’s various projects. Whether implemented independently or in collaboration with local partners, outside support for projects includes both financial funding and knowledge and technology transfers. International cooperation and local collaboration are integral to the Fund’s goal of equally supporting all areas of the Badia. Through this department, the Fund works to introduce investors to the many opportunities that exist in the Badia region.

At present, the Fund has relations with several partners who are helping the Fund with the study, design, and funding of  various environmental, agricultural and touristic activities. Examples of these include:

  1. Agreements with Sardinia, Italy, to study and implement projects in the Badia relating to renewable energy, water, soil, flowers, forage, cattle, and dairy production. In this regard the Fund has participated in the First Conference for the Mediterranean Region that took place in the island of Sardinia in 2009.

  2. Community-based activities implemented by the Fund and funded by the GEF/World Bank-funded Badia Ecosystem and Livelihoods Project (BELP). The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to support sustainable livelihoods and enhance ecosystem services through participatory approaches in selected areas of the Jordan Badia.  The project will focus on three “poverty pockets”—two in the Southern Badia and one in the Northern Badia: Al Jafr and Al Husseinieh in the south, and Al Ruwaished in the north.

  3. Support from the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (Sudan) to carry out the project of medicinal and herbal plants cultivation in Graigra, Wadi Araba.

  4.   The Fund also seeks to establish relations with new partners to promote the Jordan Badia and the potential economic and developmental opportunities that exist.